New Moon in Virgo, September 19, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance

It’s time to celebrate all things Virgo on this New Moon at 27° 27′ Virgo, 19 September 2017 10:30 PM PDT. Virgo is one of the signs most often overlooked and underappreciated. The truth is we need all our great Virgo folk who show up and do their usual excellent job with little fanfare. These are often the people who keep the essentials running day to day, the sort of thing most of us take for granted. There are five planets in Virgo on this lunation and a total of six planets in earth. Plus there is a total of seven planets in mutable signs which adds up to mutable earth (Virgo) dominating this chart.

The Virgo Sun and Moon are under pressure from an inconjunct to unpredictable Uranus in Aries and a stifling square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Since most earth signs do NOT like surprises, even mutable Virgo…

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From Square to Full: New Moon Writing Plan Continued

The Writing Orbit

It’s been two weeks since the new moon, solar eclipse broke through, although you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s been that recent when reading the other news that’s taken place since then.

The eclipse – already a glimpse of some distance past – has been plagued with more urgent news on #HurricaneHarvey, the president’s pardon, North Korea and whatever else is hitting the breaking news waves as you read this.

Things move fast. Your writing, however, shouldn’t be at that pace.

And that’s what this new moon planning is about. To encourage you to process the things you’re writing, edit it several times, research and do more research and really sit with your words and thinking.

The moon will be full in Pisces on Wednesday and moving from the square, where it asks that you push through the tension of your writing, and switch up how you define or…

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In the shadow of the eclipse

Stellargnosis Astrology

True to any major eclipse, the winds have shifted and energies have been released. Perhaps it is not so surprising with Mercury having been retrograde at the eclipse that great storms would have been whipped up. The theme of devastation is water, correlating to the general background collective archetype of Neptune in Pisces. As Mars was part of this eclipse, and the eclipse configured to a grand fire trine (Uranus/Saturn), I had previously speculated that this was going to be a war eclipse. North Korea sent a missile over Japanese territory a week after the eclipse, and as Mars conjuncted the eclipse point on September 2nd, a day later on the 3rd, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test.

September 2nd marked an important conjunction for the continuing unfolding energies fo this eclipse. On this day Mars direct shook hands with Mercury retrograde as they both passed over…

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Eclipse/New Moon Leo: Completing

Words Out of Bounds

You are not complete without your darkness.

Love is neither light nor darkness,
It transcends all;
Connects all.

When you thread your light and darkness with love,
You will see that light is not light,
And darkness cease to be darkness,
They are all you.

To hear the cry of the world is not to sympathise,
But to simply receive and listen to the cry.
Receiving the world’s cry,
Receiving our own cry,
Is no-different.

Every death is agony,
Every rebirth is ecstasy;
And love is omnipresent,
In all of this.

Let love ravish you,
Let love annihilate you.
Love is beyond comprehension and imagination.
When it comes the time of your death,
It is allowing the limitless light, the darkness
To engulf you.
Let yourself be engulfed by love,
Let love hear your pain of losing your old form,
Let yourself dissolve in totality,
Without reservation.

It is through…

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