New moon in Cancer tarotscopes

Ace of Kiki Tarot

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Water signs: Hanged man represents a pause for the water signs. They may need time to rest or contemplate the next move. Others could be waiting for a response in order to progress in life & make headway. Some could be praying & practicing faith. For Cancer, it’s in the 1st house of self. For Scorpio, it’s in the 9th house of higher beliefs. For Pisces, it’s in the 5th house of creativity.

Earth signs: Queen of swords represents a highly opinionated individual & sharp, objective observations being made. Arguments are happening and feelings could be getting hurt regarding this analytical person. For Taurus, it’s in the 3rd house of communication. For Capricorn, it’s in the 7th house of partnerships. For Virgo, it’s in the 11th house of friends.

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Fire signs: King of swords represents a no bullshit, intellectual energy that fire signs are channeling. Many are charging ahead &…

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New Moon. Super Moon. Water Moon

Arts of Embodiment

New Moon

Super Moon

Cancer Moon

Watery Moon

time to honour water

the water that sustains life

the water within our bodies

and the water all around

the water that held us

the water that birthed us

and the water that keeps us alive

the water that carried

and nourished

our ancestors

and their ancestors

and their ancestors

all the way back

to the first drop of water

for it’s all the same water

being recycled

over and over

again and again

in each

and every






If you’d like to know more about the themes that this New Moon will be unfolding for the next four weeks, you can read more here Summertime … and the feeling is easy …


If you want to know more about what this New Moon means for you personally, you can contact me here

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New Moon in Cancer, 24th June, 2017!

Helen Edey

cancer new moon

New moon  in Cancer 24th, @12:30:48 pm, (aest)

This  New Moon in Cancer is conjunct Mercury, square to Chiron.

Sun and Moon meet up in Cancer, feelings, emotions, private self, personal.

What do you need? this new moon is asking you. Best place to start is by listening to how you are feeling, pay attention to what emotions are coming up for you during this time. This is the place you need to nurture, give whatever it is you need. And that could be many things, depending on you. What will give you that sense of well-being and fulfillment.

You may realize what is lacking or missing in your life, you might not know how to get it at this point of time, so use the New Moon intention to help you plant the seed for the future. What you are doing now is making sure that the…

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New Moon Intentions

Sagebrush and Cactus Flowers


Today I had an interesting text chat with Jim about some of the things I would like to change about myself and about my life. Some of it is superficial- I’ve been dressing the same for years now- tee shirts and yoga pants. That is literally 98% of my wardrobe, and the other 2% is only from recent purchases. I have been hating my body for so many years now, telling myself “Oh, you can buy clothes when you lose this weight, otherwise on this body it would be a waste!”

Some of the shift toward wanting to dress better is the fact that I am getting into shape; I’ve already lost about 15 lbs if not more. I’ve gone down a size, two in some cases. Another reason to buy new clothes- all my old ones are baggy now. Even though my body isn’t necessarily where I want it…

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New Moon in Cancer: What Speaks to Your Heart?


“With Cancer being one of the most fertile signs of the tropical zodiac and the Moon as ruler of this sign, this is a potent time for planting seeds of intention. Use this New Moon to get attuned to subconscious messages that may be arising. There’s probably been a lot of good ideas floating around, but focus your attention on those that really resonate with you on a gut level…

This is also a potent moment for magic, mystery, and deep intimacy. Just past the summer solstice, we’ve crossed a critical threshold in the Sun’s annual cycle. The summer solstice is a time to revel in our creativity and to enjoy the abundance that surrounds us. There is so much life and vitality at this time of the year, and with Mercury’s close proximity to this lunation, it can feel like there’s so much to do but you don’t…

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New Moon in June…

The Walden Moon

New Moon in June…

Happy New Moon in June…

So this new Moon started off in Gemini and then made its way into Cancer for the majority of its phase…

I’m feeling like it started off really Yang with Gemini taking the lead…but there is definitely Cancer the crab that is shifting the weight of my world into a more introspective state of mind…

So much has changed in my life within this past month it is ridiculous… I finally finished Yoga teacher training at the end of May and then AT the SAME time my job workload shifted…I used to be on call every third week and now it is every other week… I’m still NOOOOOT used to it…and since the switch I have only had one weekend off. I’m tired and a little overwhelmed…but it’s just started and I know I will find my rhythm.

I wanted…

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Cancer Super New Moon

Intuitive Magazine

Happy New Moon in Cancer.

Under the influence of the Cancer Super New Moon, it is time for all of us to start fresh, it is even time for all of us to find a new home.

Cancers are the crab, mysterious creatures, they have a hard shell outside with claws that can bite, but inside they are soft and delicate. The Moon in her own sign rules zodiac sign cancer it is here to assist you. Immerse yourself in water or use water rituals to connect you to the fluid, imaginal realms.

love, #krishna

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